2016 Goal Setting & Making Them Stick! January 05 2016, 1 Comment

Let’s just say I… for one… am super glad the book is closed on 2015!! I am hoping that I don’t sound too much like a Debbie downer, 2015 for me was heavily focused on personal goals and wasn’t my best year ever. I have always been a pretty confident individual and but for some reason 2015 rocked my world. I began to experience self-doubt, negative feelings and second-guessing myself. Maybe this is just a season of change for myself and that is what happens as we get older- evaluating and reevaluating as we go! So what did I do help myself get over it?
  1. Declutter!! I cleaned out every nook and corner of the house and I even got rid of toxic/negative friendships that I had out grown but hadn’t quite cut the cord yet.
  2. I bought books that added value to my life and found some new positive friends who also have big goals and dreams that want to add value back to the community.
  3. I spent tons of awesome fun time with my family and my nephew (who is almost 3) you would swear that he knows all the keys to happiness.
  4. Focused on putting my husband first: no cell phone time/decrease from social media, a crazy amount of home cooked dinners, fun adventures on his days off, mid-day naps and even after 12 years together we managed to find a few things that were ‘firsts for us’. Whenever I am doubting myself or my actions my husband is my sounding board he is awesome at giving me pep talks when I need it but he will also give me honest words when I need those!
  5. Started going back to church and working on my relationship with the man upstairs and also searched my heart to find ‘me’ again and to do things that make me happy!

Honestly, I am still a work in progress (and plan on always being) but I have found me again and a renewed love/focus for my passion/purpose! 2016 will be the year of business! Getting The Blonde Pantry to where I want it to be, getting business finances in order and believing in myself that I can build and create the company that I have dreamed of! The theme for 2016 is building/growing!! Watch the video below to hear how you can set goals that you can actually stick to so a year from now you can look back and be proud of where you’ve come!! 

 Also you just might see a little cameo from my smallest pup- Minnie (she loves attention)!!  Lastly, here are two photos of my husband (Ryan) and I heading out for New Year's with my cousins! Yes, I know my outfit was a little short but every once in a while I like to live on the edge (and yet another cameo from Minnie)! 1929506_10153320656772960_3323932967770769732_n How did you spend New Year's Eve and what goals are you setting for yourself this year? Write below in the comments so we can hold each other accountable!!!