5 Easy Tips For Keeping The Holidays Healthy!! November 26 2014, 2 Comments

Yesterday's post we discussed reasons for not indulging during thanksgiving but today we are covering how to enjoy some of your holiday favorites without packing on the pounds!! You do not have to do all 5 tips listed below pick one or two that you think you can do and focus of those!!
  1. Divide your plate: ½ of your plate should be vegetables, ¼ protein and the last ¼ starch. I know the picture below isn’t very pretty (I found it on google) but you can see how to divide up the plate!Food-on-Plate
  2. Use a 9-inch plate: instead of eating on the standard 12-inch plate, this plate size tricks your mind into thinking you are eating larger portions than you really are.
  3. Only fill your plate one time. There will be leftovers that you will probably be eating on for a couple of days so when you actually sit down to thanksgiving remind yourself that this is not your last chance to get in all of your favorites and if 2 hours after dinner you are still hungry go back for more protein and more vegetables!
  4. Spilt dessert, make a healthy alternative or eat a smaller portion size. I like to pick one food item each holiday and make that my cheat instead of an entire meal; dessert is usually what I choose because you really can’t beat homemade apple pie. I tend to try and make my main meal as healthy as possible and then really enjoy my dessert that way I am satisfying my cravings without going overboard!
  5. If you do go a little overboard find something active to do as a family: go for a walk, ride bikes, play football/basketball/catch, or take the kids to a park and run around after them for a while. Any activity is better than no activity!! 
*Disclaimer: If you are unable or unwilling (lol) to do any of the 5 tips above, make sure that you increase your workout routine or exercise program by an extra 30 minutes everyday next week and tomorrow get back to your healthy eating habits 

    I would love to hear your plans for Thanksgiving are you going to indulge, eat healthy or find a happy medium?!