Acai Mixed Berry Smoothie January 12 2015, 2 Comments

Happy Monday!! Ryan and I got in late last night from Boston and we both couldn't wait to be reunited with our puppies! The worst part about traveling is that we miss them so much and we constantly talk about if our dogs would like the city we are in, where we could walk them and what we think they are currently doing in Houston (since my aunt was watching them I'm sure they were getting tons of belly rubs and treats).... this is totally normal right?!! Back to our Boston trip!! This city is mind blowing amazing!! I just can't get over how clean, cultured and beautiful everything is and it was 17-23 degrees the whole time we were there but that didn't stop us from falling in love with Boston! The restaurant scene is out of this world and Ryan and I made it our JOB to find the best Lobster Roll in the city, after eating our fair share of Lobster rolls we just couldn't pick a winner, they were all amazing for different reasons! Even though it was just a quick trip we are over the moon in love and we are trying to plan a trip to head back there this summer since the summer is when the city 'comes alive'! So Boston officially changes my list of favorite cities to: Nashville, Houston & Boston!! I loved every restaurant we ate at but three of my favorite were:
  1. Oh Ya! - this restaurant takes the cake, When we called to get a reservation they were booked until the 15th but luckily our hotel was able to get us a table for the 9:30 time slot, usually this would be pretty late for us to start dinner but Ryan was dying to go there so 9:30 it was and man this place did not disappoint!! Even when we walked in at 9:30 it was packed and Oh Ya! only seats maybe 50 people (at most) which made us feel like we were the chosen few who knew about this restaurant (this isn't true due to it being the number one restaurant in Boston at the moment but I'd like to think it is)! The servers give you amazing one-on-one attention and know their menu forward-and-back also an amazing feat because the menu changes daily. Another touch that I adorned about this restaurant was the plates, the owners/chef's wife has been collecting unique dishes for the restaurant for years and they are all different, you can tell this couple has poured their heart and soul into this place and it has made all the difference! Lastly and most importantly, the food but If I went into the break down of everything we ate it wouldn't do the restaurant justice so just know if you are planning on being in Boston, call ahead, get a reservation and splurge on the best meal you will ever eat right down to the complementary homemade Japanese chocolates they bring you at the end of dinner! 
  2. Neptune Oyster: Once again the building is so small I am shocked- all restaurants in Houston follow the motto: 'The bigger, the better', but I am loving Boston's small intimate restaurants that seat a crowd of about 30-50 people not only does this make the service better but also makes the food better- the chefs have more time to focus on making each dish amazing as apposed to creating a feeding frenzy! The other thing I loved about this restaurant (besides the food) was the style, this place looked like it was straight out of the 1920's which I just can't get enough of!! To eat Ryan and I both tried the clam chowder, lobster bisque and then got Lobster rolls- I know it's a lot of food but I promise it was strictly for research purposes :) My favorite was the Lobster rolls and my second favorite was the lobster bisque, I wasn't the biggest fan of the clam chowder but they said that was a restaurant favorite so what do I know anyways :) 
  3. Last but currently not least, James Hook and Company- if Ryan and I lived in Boston this place would be our Saturday lunch spot!! Nothing fancy about this small sandwich shack that also sells live lobsters right next to the tables you eat at but it was so authentic and charming in that 'local way' that once again makes you fall in love with Boston!! This restaurant sells cold lobster sandwiches that will blow your mind!! I am sure I will be dreaming about those sandwiches until I can be reunited again! 

Now after all of this eating and city seeing I am craving a heavy boost of nutrients today to get me back on track and focused!! This is another Acai berry breakfast but we are creating a smoothie instead of a bowl for easy grab and sip wherever you are running off to!! 

Acai Berry & Strawberry Smoothie
Serves 1
Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 5 min 
  • 1 Acai berry puree, frozen packet
  • 1 small banana, frozen
  • 1 cup strawberries, frozen
  • 3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  1. Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth!!
  1. If the smoothie is too thick you can add another 1/4 cup of almond milk or even a splash of water!
calories: 194
fat: 2g
protein: 3g
carbs: 45g


IMG_9224 Love all of the nutrients! This smoothie is perfect for an extra boost of energy! IMG_9229

Have you tried an Acai smoothie yet? If so what are your favorite add-ins? Love, Marla