Christmas Gift List: Girly Girl Kitchen December 09 2014, 2 Comments

When Ryan and I first got engaged and we were registering for kitchenware there was a constant battle between him wanting  a clean, modern look and me wanting a traditional, whimsical look. Luckily we compromised and ended up with china we both love that has his clean modern lines and my touch of glam with the silver and gold trim (if you want to see our china check out our anniversary post). But the longer we have lived together the more my style tends to dominate in the kitchen, my haven (happy wife, happy life) and if Ryan could have just figured out that this was a battle he wasn't going to win from the beginning I would have the ultimate girly kitchen by now!! So now is time for a little catch-up and if you are anything like me, girly touches in the kitchen make for a happier cooking environment which somehow equals taster meals (just go with me on this one)!! Today I am sharing the ultimate gift guide for the girly foodie that will have even the girliest of girls falling in love!! 
Christmas wish list: Girly girl
  1.  Drinkware- I have been eyeing this set for a very long time. I can just picture hosting a brunch for my closest girl friend drinking out out of this stemware... show stopping! 
  2. Aureate Plumes Serveware- This picther is absolutely gorgeous and I am shocked how many times in the past year I have needed or wanted to have a large picther on hand to mix up a large drink option for guests
  3. Red apron - I have never owned an apron basically because all of the aprons I see have never really hit a homerun with their pattern, until this one!! I adore this apron! 
  4. Agate slice coaster - I have been eyeing these coasters for a long time and they are a perfect stocking stuffer! If you don't love the color pink they have other colors to choose from as well.
  5. Champagne Bucket- we have a vintage inspired bar cart that we purchased from restoration a year ago and I have been looking for the perfect accessory to match it and this bucket is perfect! Our bar cart has brass hardware but is primarly old wood so these two together would be a good mix of glam and rustic! even though this is a little pricey - thats why I call this a wish list! 
  6. Square table linen - Ever go to a party and everything is set out beautifully and then you see ugly last minute cocktail napkins?! Not that it is a huge deal but I am a firm believer in the details making all the difference and these cocktail napkins will blow your guests away by how much thought you put into your set up! Another plus is these are reuseable so you will always be ready in the future and we can cut back on waste! 
  7. Bakeware- I love these pretty little black and white dishware items! My dream kitchen, one day, will be all black and white with touches of pink! People always tell me that I will grow out of my love for pink, but honestly I don't ever see that happening, at least not in my near future! 
  8. Tree Grove Dishtowel - I can't think of anything cuter to use in the kitcehn during the holidays besides these aborable hand towels! 
What are your favorite girly touches to add to your kitchen ?!  Love, Marla