Cold Weather Activewear! December 08 2014, 0 Comments

We are currently in the North traveling for Ryan’s residency interviews and this leg of the journey happens to stop in Minnesota and New York, which I am extremely exited about! I love adventure and being married to medicine doesn’t exactly give you a schedule were you can travel a lot especially in the early years so I will take what I can get. The other plus side is Ryan and I travel very well together so this whole experience has been a welcomed break from daily life back in Houston! The one thing we weren’t quite prepared for though was the cold weather. It is currently in the 30’s in Rochester, Minnesota and apparently the locals say this is great weather and some aren’t even wearing jackets….. WAIT WHAT?!!? Meanwhile I was decked out in the whole nine yards-'boots with tha fur’, scarf, hat, gloves and a very thick jacket, none of which was purchased in Houston. There really isn’t great ‘cold weather’ shopping in Houston (because we really don’t need it) so we planned to fly into Minneapolis and go to the Mall of America for a few hours to find some cold weather gear before driving to Rochester, even though Rochester is a smaller town I can definitely manage if we had to move there with Mall of America only 1 hour away, this just might be my saving grace!! Our schedule has been kinda tight for these interviews, it pretty much goes: fly in the afternoon before, interview social that night, interview all the next morning-the afternoon, catch a flight to the next interview, go to the social that night and interview the next day, then repeat!! While Ryan is interviewing I go to an activity that is usually planned by the current residents wives to see what it is really like being married to a resident there, I actually love this part, learning about how other people live, where they moved from, and what our life could potentially look like in a year gets me very excited!! Luckily Ryan’s last interview is in New York so we are going to spend 3 days there just enjoying a little down time and I just can't wait!! Today, I am sharing some of my airport clothing picks that I picked up or wish-listed in Houston. I really do think Lululemon is the best thing you can possibly travel in, their clothes are soo comfortable and not all of it looks like you are headed to the gym. Also, I have a very hard time finding sweaters that I like and fit well so when I found the Open your heart long sleeve - reversible sweater, I almost shouted in the dressing room but I figured to just do that later on my blog (unfortunately - this sweater is out of stock online BUT they had plenty in store so be sure to ask for it!). I invest in good workout clothes and active wear before I purchase clothes for everyday life, all of my work clothes are usually purchased at target or on sale at banana republic petites, reasons being:
  • When you invest in a ‘healthy lifestyle’ clothing you are more liking to follow through with living a healthy lifestyle because it becomes apart of your everyday life and helps motivate you the get your workouts in.
  • A lot of Lululemon and Zella have sweaters, jackets, pants that can easily be worn other paces than to the gym and they are made with high quality materials! Even though I do own workout gear from target it doesn’t last or fit the same as pricier brands and I end up spending more because I have to replace cheap workout clothes more often
  • It doesn't get anymore comfortable than Lululemon sweats! Quitting my last job was the best thing I could've done because now I live in my sweats! 
Now I have talked myself into ‘investing’ in a lifestyle and I kind of regret not buying the open your heart sweater in another color but this girl is on a budget! Maybe I’ll add it to my list for Santa ;) . What are some of your favorite workout brands?! I would love to know!! Also, what are some ‘must-see’ spots in New York?!
cold weather gearTop Left: Lululemon activewear top /Top Center: Lululemon head wrap/ Top Right:Lululemon glove Bottom Left: activewear pants / Bottom Middle: Lululemon Scarf /Bottom Right: Lululemon define jacket