Easy Make Ahead Meals For Staying On Track! August 26 2015, 0 Comments

Let’s just throw this out there… NO ONE has a normal schedule anymore!! What do I mean by that? Every friend, family member or clients of mine always struggle with the same thing… finding time in his or her schedule! It’s a given… ‘I could just be healthy if I had more time’, comes up in every consult and it’s a real problem! Kids, jobs, social activities there isn’t any time left to focus on you and creating your new lifestyle! Well the bad news about changing your habits is you have to make your goals a priority and you have to be willing to commit to the time it takes to change. The good news is just like anything else in our lives the more work/effort we put into it the easier it becomes and it will stop feeling like work!! It’s just those initial growing pains of taking the first few steps that are the hardest, which is why I (and every other dietitian I know) recommends baby steps! Now I am not saying baby steps as in super slow weight loss and only changing one tiny thing about your lifestyle, I mean baby steps by saying find the easiest things you can do with the most impact first… then add in all the little details! For example, we all know by now that nutrition is the hardest part (for most people) to change. Working out with a personal trainer, joining a gym or walking with your buddy is the easiest part because you only have to commit to that 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes – 1 hour and then you don’t have to think about it again until your next work out… The problem with nutrition (and our culture) is food is all around us and we have to eat to live! Even when you aren’t expecting to make a ‘nutrition choice’ someone in the office decides to refill the candy bowl or there is another birthday party to attend! You.Cant.Avoid.it! So while we can’t control other people around us from bringing in unhealthy food choices we can control our reaction! The best and easiest way to feel strong in these hard situations is to remove the action of actually having to make a choice! For example, if you already went to the store, paid for groceries and made healthy snacks/meals that you brought to work, the choice has already been made for you! If you didn’t well now we negotiate with ourselves… ‘Well I am getting pretty hungry’, ‘I can start eating healthy tomorrow’, ‘One handful/piece won’t hurt’, ‘I have nothing else to eat’. (We can keep going)…. This has nothing to do with will-power it has everything to do with being prepared! So below are some of my favorite recipes that I love to make and have on hand for when I don’t have the time to prep but know I NEED healthy options! Mexican casserole… we make this casserole all the time in our house because it is super easy (and my husband loves the flavor)! I have also started making it in an 8x8 foil throw away pan so after we are done eating it the clean up is minimal… you can make this on Sunday afternoon and either eat on it during the week or put it in the freezer to have a healthy dinner option on a crazy night. IMG_2224-1024x683 Stuffed bell peppers… this is another freeze and eat when needed recipe! Another great trick with this recipe is you can make the ‘meat’ in the recipe and use it on top of a salad or some type of carbohydrate for an easy meal… the meat freezes beautifully! IMG_3168-1024x683 Spaghetti squash casserole… just like the Mexican casserole this baby is great to put in the freezer until you are ready to eat! P1040250-1024x768 Overnight oats or chiaseed pudding!! Life changing recipes when it comes to eating a healthy, filling breakfast that also tastes good! If you haven’t given these recipes a try run don’t walk to your kitchen! IMG_1019-1024x683 IMG_9460-1024x682 If you are interested in getting more meal planning advice or a 2 week meal plan please check out my new e-store! My meal planning e-guide is now available! What are some of your favorite easy make ahead meals and dishes? I would love to hear from you! Love, Marla