Favorite Snacks: Part 1 January 10 2014, 0 Comments

Overly processed snack bars are filled with sugar and chemicals that can leave you unsatisfied and hungry 20 minutes later. I like to keep things simple and easy. My snacks require little prep time and contain tons of nutrition! I always prepare my snacks ahead of time (like the morning of, the night before or make all your snacks one time per week). Take them with you wherever you go and keep them in the house for a quick, easy and healthy on-the-go option. I all know what happens when you leave the house empty handed!! You get hungry and start looking for the sugary or salty snacks!!! Right?!!! Don't worry, we've all done it!

1. 1/4 cup or handful of raw, unsalted nuts (excluding peanuts). my favorites: almonds, pecans, walnuts Tip: measure these out first and throw in a snack baggie. Don't eat out of the container or package--this can lead to large portions and way too many calories (1/4 cup has ~ 175 calories). These are a healthy snack, but only when you eat the appropriate serving size and limit to 1 time a day

2. Boiled egg Tip: boil all your eggs ahead of time and store in your refrigerator for up to one week, keep the shell on to preserve the shelf life.

3. Fruit Tip: 1 serving of fruit is: -1 small piece of fruit such as an apple, orange, peach, pear, small banana -1/2 of 1 grapefruit -1/2  large banana -1 cup berries -1 cup melon -15 grapes

4. Veggies: Vegetables raw- have tons of vitamins and fiber, are low carbohydrates and low calories- this snack is great for people who are just in the mood to snack on something but arent looking for a full on snack. Tip: cut up some carrots, cucumbers, celery or get them pre-cut for an easier snack -We think these vegetables are great on their own, but you can dip them in 2 tbsp of balsamic dressing if that makes it a tastier snack - Grape tomatoes are also great either by themselves or with a little dressing 

5. All natural, low sodium, No MSG jerky This snack is perfect for anyone who is craving something chewy and salty! If you are usually grabbing for the chips, jerky might just be the perfect snack for you! Jerky is loaded with protein and is low carbohydrates! Tips: try beef jerky, turkey jerky, buffalo jerky, venison jerky - serving size is 2 oz I hope you enjoyed my favorite snacks and I can't wait to share with you part 2!!

What are your favorite snacks?