Guilt Free Beverage: LaCroix August 15 2014, 0 Comments

LaCroix has been around forever and I can’t believe so many of my clients still haven’t heard of this life changing drink!! Ok... maybe I am being just a little dramatic with the whole ‘life changing’ thing but LaCroix is one of those awesome products that makes being healthy just that much easier! Some low calorie drinks on the market have artificial sweeteners and can make us feel a little guilty about drinking them but LaCroix is a guilt free drink!! I don't know how this company does it but I don't care, I am hooked for life!
  • 100 % natural sparkling flavored water. They have a ton of different flavors such as cran-raspberry, orange, lime, coconut and many more
  • Zero calories, Zero sodium, no artificial sweeteners
  • You can find these at most grocery stores
  • Cost about $10.00 for a 12 pack
photo-5 Love, Marla