Healthy Prep For The Airport! January 16 2015, 2 Comments

“Traveling is the only purchase that makes you richer’. I’m not sure who was quoted saying that but it is one of my all time favorites but traveling can also make us heavier if we are not careful! Yesterday we got to the Detroit, Michigan airport and it was very nice, clean, had tons of shopping but unfortunately our part of the terminal didn’t have ANYTHING healthy to eat and by this point I was extremely HANGRY!! Thankfully I had a couple of healthy snacks up my sleeve to stop me from eating half of the Dylan’s Candy Store they had in the airport (!!). Here is how I prepared!
  • The night before we left for the airport I made two pieces of Ezekiel toast and put ½ tsbp of flaxseed and 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter on each (you could also sprinkle some cinnamon if you are feeling fancy). Folded them in half, wrapped them in a paper towel and put them into a sandwich bag. DONE.
  • Then I washed two apples, wrapped them in a paper towel and also put them into a sandwich baggie. DONE.
  • I also packed 2 Epic bars the Bison flavor but those are already wrapped and ready to go so no prep was needed. DONE.
  • Lastly, since I had just made those yummy cinnamon spiced nuts the other day, I measured out ¼ cup servings and put those into small snack size bags (making four total). DONE.
Honestly, this whole process took me 5 minutes to put everything together and those 5 minutes were worth all of the positives:
  1. I had healthy options to eat when there wasn’t anything at the airport
  2. I saved a TON of money by bringing my own food/snacks
  3. The food sitting in your fridge/pantry doesn’t go bad while you are away because you are taking it with you!
  4. You can save your vacation splurge for the actual vacation and not over do it before you have even gotten on the plane!
I also Looked up the TSA’s rules on food to see exactly what I could bring with me and here is the ‘official ruling’: Do NOT bring food to the security checkpoint unwrapped. Food must be wrapped or in a container. Unpeeled natural foods like fruit are okay, but half-eaten fruits must be wrapped. So all the TSA is saying is that food needs to be in a container or a wrapper…. Fruit salads, premade salads, lettuce wrapped sandwiches, grapes, almond butter and celery… the options are endless! This is also great news if you have kids because standing in a line to get food is usually not their strong point! I hope these tips have helped when preparing for traveling and Monday we will be talking about my favorite airport finds if you happen to not pack healthy options ahead of time! What are your favorite healthy snacks to bring to the airport? Love, Marla