Healthy Snacks for Traveling! December 04 2014, 3 Comments

Ryan and I are about to be spending a lot of time at airports and traveling for his residency interviews and I refuse to let all this traveling go to my hips!! Luckily, our society is becoming way more health conscious and airports are adding more healthy options for travelers but it is still hard to make the right decisions with all of those yummy smells and treats everywhere you look! So to save A LOT of money, time and anxiety I have compelled a list of healthy snacks that you can bring to the airport yourself or usually find there!! Blonde travel
  1. ¼ cup of raw almonds. If I am traveling for a long time I will pack 1 snack-size bag of almonds for each day I will be traveling that way I always have a healthy snack or pair your bag of almonds with a piece of fruit and you have an easy (and cheap) breakfast!
  2. 1 cup of berries. Berries are great to eat by themselves, pair with a protein source (like almonds or other nuts) or add to a salad, you purchased from the airport, to give your meal extra flavor and nutrients!
  3. 1 small apple with 2 tablespoons of almond butter. Justin’s Butters make great travel size packets of almond butters that I LOVE to have with me when traveling!! Apples and almond butter is a perfect snack and will keep you full for hours since you are pairing a protein and a carbohydrate!
  4. 1-2 Boiled Eggs. Boiled eggs are perfect if you are traveling in your car, you can pack a small ice chest for your boiled eggs, hummus and fruits so they will keep well.
  5. ½ cup of hummus with sliced vegetables. This is perfect if you are traveling by car and keep a small ice chest or most airports are now carrying hummus in their café sections. You can also find a Starbucks and they have great snack plates, the protein plate is one of my favorites!
  6. Epic Protein Bars. Protein bars are a no brainer but I won’t eat just any brand, my favorite go to the epic bars that I wrote about in a previous post here.
  7. Kombucha drinks. Sometimes traveling can upset my stomach or I just get tired of only drinking water. Kombucha drinks contain probiotics, antioxidants and are only 60 calories per bottle! This drink is the perfect alternative for sodas, Gatorades, fruit juices, etc!
  8. Dates and Almond butter!! Oh how I love the!! This really is a perfect combination of sweet and salty, dates and almond butter are easy to make, wrap in a paper towel and place into a snack size baggie, they are very filling and are packed with nutrients, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!
  9. ¼ cup of dried apricots. I usually try to avoid dried fruits because they can be very high in calories, sugar and carbohydrates but for some reason the excitement of traveling makes me want to eat something yummy so instead of indulging on a bag of M&M’s that I will regret later I just grab my bag of almonds and my dried apricots and that helps satisfy my cravings!
What are some of your favorite snacks to eat when traveling?!!  Love,  Marla