Match Day 2015 March 20 2015, 3 Comments

Today is Match Day for my husband and honestly I can’t even wrap my head around it. For as long as I have known Ryan (11 years now) orthopedic surgery residency has been the goal and I am lucky enough to be his chosen partner in this journey. The weight of this moment is definitely not lost on me, I feel so proud of Ryan for accomplishing his dreams and I feel proud of our relationship that our struggles make us stronger. This is one of those moments that is literally life changing, opening Ryan’s letter not only defines where we live for the next five years but the training he is going to have, the experiences we are going to share and the lives he is going to get to change. Ryan is one in a million and I will follow him anywhere regardless of where we end up! I did have an awesome recipe post planned for today but my mind is preoccupied and in the moment. Today at noon we find out where we will be spending the next five years of our lives and in honor of all we have been through together here are a few of my favorite flashback Friday photos. 387385_10150361459222960_1399870492_n 75653_454639992959_8236776_n 75310_454624147959_7111255_n 76425_454639957959_8033264_n 68806_442528137959_5139774_n 40146_442527302959_6852312_n 36056_442507257959_5694031_n IMG_4183 431906_10151465973992960_1148437141_n 2013_1119_0015 JC1_5356 2013_1119_0035   Time to get this party started!!  Love, Marla