Most Used Kitchen Essentials March 13 2015, 1 Comment

Lets start with a little disclaimer… I don’t think you need fancy kitchenware to cook, prepare food or to be healthy. If you are just starting out with building your kitchen on a budget there really is just a few items you need for success. You can easily get by with a cutting board, a great mid-sized chefs knife, one wooden spoon, a baking pan, one medium sized pot and one medium sized skillet/sauté pan to prepare just about everything you can imagine (this is pretty much all I had starting out and everything was from Target, World Market or Marshalls Home Goods). Once Ryan and I were engaged and I was introduced to the endless possibilities on creating a wedding registry that is when I realized that there are so many amazing gadgets, appliances, and utensils I just couldn’t live without (or at least thought that). Mostly all of the gifts we received get used on the regular bases and they have made my time prepping and cooking in the kitchen that much more enjoyable, peaceful, quick and easy so if you are looking for a way to update your kitchen tools or take your culinary skills to the next level I highly recommend stocking your kitchen with my favorite and most used tools!  Kitchen From top left - right: 1. Adjustable Measuring Spoon 2. Chefs Knife 3. Dutch Oven  4. Cutting Boards 5. Food Processor- this is the food processor Ryan got me for my birthday and it is beyond words amazing! (also it consistently goes on sale so don't pay full-price)! 6. Non-stick 5 piece tool set 7. Electric wine opener 8. Juicer - I use tons of lemon, orange and lime juice in my cooking so this is a must have! Not only does it catch all of the seeds but it is easy to use! 9. Mixing Bowl and Measurement Set- I love this two in one because it doesn't take up a lot of kitchen space and has everything you could need!  These are just a few of my kitchen favorites that I have added to my pantry to save time and energy as I go! Some of these are much more of an investment (like the food processor) and other cost very little! sometimes the easier way to stay motivated and enjoy the cooking process is to have your favorite tools to help with the job! What are your most have kitchen tools? Anything I missed?  Love,  Marla