Our Foodie Trip to New York!! December 17 2014, 0 Comments

I love traveling to new places and exploring new parts of the World and will pretty much pack my bags in a moment to jetset somewhere, so this past week when Ryan said we are going to be spending a few days in New York, I didn’t ask any questions I just started packing! Going to New York during the winter is quite the fairytale unless it rains non stop for 2 days and is freezing cold…. Then not so much but we did have 2 days of good weather and the rest we just made it work! One of my favorite things about New York is everyone is in the city walking around and seemingly totally emerged into the lifestyle of being a ‘New Yorker’ and number two would be the unique food and little boutique shops…. Nothing is better than their restaurants and I definitely tried enough to know lol! Even though Ryan and I indulged a little on this trip, I didn’t really have that normal... ugh I overdid it feeling like most vacations and I think a couple of reasons why we didn’t pack on the pounds:
  1. We walked everywhere and were constantly being active.
  2. I would eat healthy for at least 2 meals per day and then indulge a little on the third one (usually dinner).
  3. The portions in New York are soooo much smaller than what you would get in a Houston restaurant.
  4. I went for a run when we were there, I find going for a run/walk/bike ride when you are in a different city is the best way to find out how the locals live. Most running trails aren’t considered a ‘tourist’ spot so you really get an idea what it would be like to live there and after all isn’t that what traveling is all about?!
Now on to some of my favorite things about our trip!

IMG_8171The view from our hotel



Kind of the most perfect place for blogging!


IMG_8245 Ryan found the best 'hole in the wall' Japanese restaurant that was a 10 out of 10 and this will definitely be on our list for the next visit to New York

IMG_8248 IMG_8249

IMG_8253 The BEST steamed chicken meatballs I've ever had!

IMG_8255 Ryan's appetizer was a smoked mackerel roll- out of this world!

IMG_8268 Somba bowl was this large bowl of broth and noodles and then you could pick your add-ons- since my chicken meatballs had protein I just got the vegetables for my soup and this was the never-ending bowl of noodles, I only made it 1/2 way through before I had to call it quits! IMG_8283Getting in my run!! 


IMG_8322 After my run Ryan went for a nap and I ordered a snack! Opps this was one of my little cheat meals- luckily Ryan woke up early and ate half of it with me! IMG_8334One of the best 'accidents' of the trip, our dinner reservations got messed up/canceled and we really didn't know where else to go nor did we have enough time to make new plans so Ryan ordered dinner/room service from the restaurant downstairs at our hotel... not knowing that they were going to literally bring the restaurant up to us!! It was probably my favorite meals in New York! We hung out in our pjs, ate amazing food and drank yummy wine... that is until we realized we were running late to the Rockettes!!

IMG_8336Our hotels usually DON'T look like this but the hotel wasn't very full so we got a free upgrade!! 

IMG_8337My baked almond chicken with vegetables- out of this world! IMG_8338

Ryan ordered the rosemary pork chop- which he couldn't stop taking about.IMG_8339And we spilt the house kale salad!

photo 1Don's Cars forever and always!! 

photo 2My aunt and Uncle happen to be in New York the same time we were there and they got all of us tickets to the Rockette's I LOVE broadway (who doesn't) and I have seen my fair share of shows but this was by far one of the best ever!!!

photo 4Fresh crab guacamole... who even knew such things existed?!! photo 4Last day in New York and trying to make it count! photo 5Chicken pot stickers! 

photo 2My favorite dish the whole trip- Squid spaghetti!! Low carb and was made with squid, kale, chives and broth- I will definitely be trying to remake this for the blog! photo 3The seafood dish with brussel sprouts!

 photo 4And then our waiter spilled water all over our table (which Ryan and I didn't really think was a big deal) but the waiter felt really bad about it so they bought out a bunch of desserts on the house.... heck yes!! How cute is that little glass of milk?! Although we couldn't finish all of it!photo-10

Last meal of the trip- Luke's Lobster Roll!!! This was the perfect way to end our food fest!! 

What are some of your favorite New York restaurants?  Love,  Marla