Protein Bars: What We're Craving Now June 13 2018, 0 Comments

Let’s Talk Protein Bars!

What do you look for in a protein bar…taste, texture, ingredients, or high-protein? Protein bars are a super convenient on-the-go snack that are easy to bring with you on a busy day. There is such a variety these days, it can seem all a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one. A rule of thumb is the fewer the ingredients, the more likely it is to include more wholesome nutrition and less unhealthy additives. I remember when I did Whole30 and started to pay more attention to the things I was eating, I was shocked at all the additive ingredients that a lot of brands used. A specific protein bar that was once my favorite, became one I never ate again! Let’s take a look at some top shelf protein bars that our team at the Blonde Pantry has been loving lately.

Rx Bar

    With only 5 ingredients, Rx bars are the epitome of a healthy protein bar. They contain healthy fats, natural sugars, and loaded with protein. This company prides themselves in having nothing to hide, and they use the saying “No B.S.” directly on the front of their protein bar label. Their labels are easy to read and simple! They are not dairy free, but they are gluten free and Whole30 approved. 

    My favorite flavor: Maple Sea Salt

    Lara Bar

      Not coincidentally, Lara, the maker of the Larabar, started making these bars in her kitchen oh so long ago. The bars are gluten free and non-GMO. They have called themselves to original fruit and nut bar. With no more than nine ingredients per bar, they are wholesome and delicious. 

      Marla's favorite flavor: Strawberry Chocolate Chip

      Epic bar

        A relatively new protein bar is a brand called Epic. It has a variety of flavors, but it is essentially a meat jerky stick. They are low carb, high protein, and gluten and dairy free. They are 100% grass fed and organic. We also love that this bar is made here in Texas! 

        My favorite flavor: Venison

        Marla's Favorite: Bison 

        Go Macro bar

          Go Macro bars are vegan, soy free, and gluten free. They are certified for all organic and non-GMO ingredients and proudly use all plant-based ingredients. They pride themselves in wholesome ingredients that only come from nature.

          My favorite flavor: Protein Paradise

          No Cow bar

            The No Cow bar is also a relatively new protein bar on the market. Their bars are dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. Also, they only contain one gram of sugar.

            My favorite flavor: Lemon Meringue Pie

            Hopefully, this information was helpful to anyone in search of a new protein or anyone who is just a nerd like me! I have been through my fair share of protein bar brands. Sometimes I just get tired of one and need some variety in my life, and other times I realize there is a better protein bar for me! Luckily for us the protein bar market is making huge changes and consistently launching new products with wholesome ingredients. We know this little list is just a small glimpse so we would love to know your favorites in the comments below for our part 2 article! 

            -Sarah, BP contributor