Restaurant Review: True Foods Kitchen August 18 2014, 0 Comments

Everyone has been buzzing about True Foods, they recently opened a location here in Houston and I made sure to save the date! True Foods already has locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Virginia, Arizona and through out California and no wonder this chain is doing so well, they really understand what the health community is looking for: great atmosphere, healthy yet tasting dishes and great drinks! This restaurant will definitely be on my short list and I can't wait to go back and try more of their menu!    IMG_1645I went with my sister Jenna and we ordered the Kale and Avocado dip for a starter, this has pink grapefruit (which I couldn't taste), cilantro, roasted poblano, cotija cheese and served with flax crackers for dipping. Overall: this starter was AMAZING!  IMG_1649 Jenna ordered the Grass fed bison burger: Umami, mushroom, onions, mayo (she asked to no mayo), watercress, parmesan and a flax bun. Overall: this is the perfect dish for someone wanting a juicy hamburger without over doing it. Also since this hamburger was so filling she removed the top bun and only ate half of the sides! The two sides so Jenna tried were the kale salad and sweet potato/onion hash. 

I tried the Chicken Chopped Salad with grilled chicken and the dressing on the side. This salad contained cranberries, dates, jicama, manchego cheese, farro (this is a grain so I asked for it on the side), sprouted almond and champagne vinaigrette. Overall: I was very happy I asked for the Farro on the side, this salad already has cranberry and dates so that is where my carbohydrate intake came from and truthfully this salad was soo filling I didn't even miss the grain! IMG_1653There is sooo many healthy choices at True Foods you just cannot go wrong! Whatever you pick you will love! Have you been to True Foods yet? If so what was your favorite dish?!