Restaurant Review: Weights + Measures January 30 2015, 0 Comments

Last Friday I met up with two of my friends for a girls night and we go back to the good ole’ high school cheerleading days! My friend Nicole suggested the new Weights + Measures that had just opened that weekend and I got my camera ready! Weights + Measures is the development of Ian Rosenberg and Mike Sammons in Midtown. This restaurant is a 5,000 square food complex, I use the word complex because it is THREE businesses in one- a restaurant, a bakery and a coffee/wine bar, all operating separating but working together to make one amazing restaurant experience! When you first walk in you are taking a step back in time with a modern twist, we are talking straight out of 1970's and the entire décor from the carpet to the tables and chairs have been custom made for this space, which makes all the difference. Highlights of Weights + Measures:
  • Extremely unique wine list/drink menu, the developer Mike Sammons also owns 13 Celsius and Mongoose vs. Cobra and is a true Mixologist, the wines are organic!
  • Open concept from where we were seating you can see into the different cooking areas that are highlighted with floor to ceiling glass walls- I love being able to see into the kitchen it always adds an element of excitement and also it shows they have nothing to hide (amIright?!).
  • The menu changes often and they love using local growers & farms… this is a healthy foodies heaven! I love knowing that what I am eating just doesn’t taste good but is also good for me, it makes eating out that much more enjoyable.
  • I love that you can go there in the morning and grab something from the bakery, meet your friends for cocktails after dinner or enjoy an amazing meal all in the same space!
  • The menu has something for everyone from the appetizers, small plates, pizzas, main dishes and desserts, this is a great place to bring a group of people because everyone can find something they love on the menu!
Now on to what we ate… we decided to order a bunch of different dishes and spilt everything (family style) so we were able to try more, this turned out to be a very good idea! 

IMG_9472The Menus fit right in the with restaurant, bold text and bright colors that bring you back to the 1970's! IMG_9479 I loved being about to watch the cooks/chefs work their magic!IMG_9489 Ribeye Meatballs + Calabrian Pepper Ragu= if I had to choose a favorite dish this might be the winner!!  IMG_9487 Smoked Salmon + Dill Mascarpone + Cucumber = Out of this world AMAZING! IMG_9493 The chef sent us this dish because it is one of the house favorites and it is now one my my favorites!! Peppercorn Truffle Butter + RadishesIMG_9496 This sausage + purple onion + basil pizza was to die for, I brought Ryan the leftovers home and he just opened up the box, folded the pizza in half and ate it in about two bites! Then he started asking questions about how he could get more- looks like I will have to take him back with me next time! IMG_9497Lastly, the amazing dessert....the lavender olive oil semolina cake + creme fraiche + candied lemon + local honey comb- this was amazing especially if you love a more savory dessert! The cake itself was more of a sweet cornbread and the creme fraiche with the honey was just enough sweetness! Well played Weights + Measures! 


Have you been to Weights + Measures yet? If not run don't walk!