Sh*t Dietitians Say! April 29 2015, 4 Comments

I am really lucky to be apart of an awesome group called Dietitians On The Blog and today I wanted to feature some of these amazing ladies! I am constantly using little quotes or ‘isms’ to help motivate and encourage my patients and I just knew that other dietitians were doing the same thing. So when I asked them to give me their favorite ‘isms’ they didn’t disappoint!! Read below to find your new favorite quote and be sure to check out their awesome blogs as well!

"Work smarter, not harder." "You can't out train a bad diet." "Fail to plan, plan to fail." "It didn't take you a week to gain the weight so don't expect to lose it in a week." - The Blonde Pantry (me) 

"One bad day doesn't ruin healthy eating, so stop feeling guilty and get back to business." "Nutrition is evolutionary, not revolutionary, and one single study rarely changes healthy eating advice, so try not to get too excited about media headlines." – Elizabeth Ward 

“Everything in moderation including moderation.. Eat your greens...Just move.” – Dixya Bhattaral 

“Clear pee by 3!” – Amanda Field

"Everything can fit in a healthy diet." – Elizabeth Abrahamson 

(For Bariatric patients) "There is a fine line between full and puking, eat too much and you will see your food again!" "Feed your body the fuel you need to flourish!" – Jennifer Lynn-Pullman 

"If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail.” "Don't yuck my yum!" – Ilisa Spitzer Nussbaum 

 “If you're going to have a "cheat food" or something that's not "healthy," then share a bite or two with a friend. A little trick to save on some calories and still have the taste you crave!” – Katie Caputo Serbinski 

 “Depriving yourself of something typically only serves to make you want it more.” – Lindsay Livingston 

“Quality over quantity - you can count calories but it rarely tells you the nutritional value of a food.” – Heather Caplan 

 “Stop trying to follow a "perfect" diet rather find a healthy way that is sustainable AND enjoyable.” –Min Mary Kwon

“Make time for exercise or you'll need to make time to be sick. It's better to pay the grocer than the doctor.” – Karen Mace Buch 

"Fall in love with plants and they will love you back!" – Sharon Palmer 

“Yes, I eat beef (or drink milk, eat dairy, potatoes, drink alcohol). I am still human.” “It’s all individual.” – Shelley A Rael 

“Diets are temporary, lifestyle changes will last a lifetime.” – Kristy Hegner 

“I learned this one from Nacy Clark over 10 years ago at one of her sports nutrition workshops & still use it today "fuel by day, graze by night" but I remind them if they don't "fuel" properly during the day they will most likely be starving by night - so I emphasize the importance of proper fueling to help manage hunger & ultimately this will help manage & maintain a healthy weight.” – Yvette Perrier Quantz

“If you don't know what animal it comes from....don't eat it! Is there a wiener, salami, and bologna animal? No!” – Amy Horrock 

 “You are what you eat, so choose wisely.” – Lisa Stollman   

"Making you hungry for healthy food.” – Alice Henneman

 “Dietitians are NOT the food police - we are more like coaches than referees”. “Don't rely on willpower - set your environment up to support your success! Make sure what you buy at the grocery store work FOR you not AGAINST you.” – Melissa Joy Dobbins

"Eat your fruit don't drink it.” "Eat your nuts don't drink them.”–Jennifer Neily

“It's hard to make good choices when you're starving! Have a plan.” – Allison Rainer Doak

"Not every calorie is created equal." "Eat less, move more.” – Brianna Peterson 

"Don't diet to be healthy. You have to eat and move to be healthy." – Betsy Bingham Ramirez

 “Fiber is your friend.” “It's about presence, not perfection.” – Rebecca Thieneman

“It's give and take, not all or nothing.” – Joanna Lavacchia Perez-Vergara 

"Live a life you love, and it will love you back!" + "Relish the present, nourish the future." – Heather Goesch 

“I don't care if you aren't hungry for breakfast, eat it anyway!” – Marjorie Nolan Cohn

“Earn your carbs.” – Teresa Nowlan

For children: "Your taste buds can change their minds.” For athletes: "You can't train like a beast if you eat like a bird." For weight loss: "You can't manage what you don't measure.” –Jennifer McDaniel 

“There are two ways to waste excess food, by throwing it out or putting it in fat cells in your body. You decide.” – Maureen Bilgn

“Every meal, every day is a fresh start.” – Vandana Sheth

 To my pregnant clients: "Only eat meat that's hot--eat hot meat.” – Sarah Elchinger Krieger

"If you can't read it, don't eat it!" (Referring to funky ingredients).’ – Heather Pavlik

“Fat doesn't make you fat!” “Produce before pills!!” -Wendie Schneider 

“Eating one decadent meal doesn't make you fat, just like eating one salad doesn't make you thin. It's the big picture that counts.” – Caroline Kaufman

“Gluten Free Cookies are still Cookies.” – Lara Connolly Mcneil

 “DIET is a four letter word.” – Emma Fogt

 “You can't exercise-off a bad diet.” “Digestion starts in your mouth and there are no foods or drinks that are neutral once they are inside your body. So, you really ARE what you eat.” – Christ Wilson 

For kids: “it's not essential that he lose weight...we just want him to maintain it as he grows into his height.” – Randi Beth

“We eat food, not numbers!” "For every restriction there is a binge waiting to happen." – Faye Berger Mitchell

"You must be present to win" so show up in your life to live the life you want.” –Judy Barbe


What quote is your favorite? Did you find a new blog to follow? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!