Staying Fit While Traveling! August 06 2014, 0 Comments

Traveling can really throw off all the healthy habits you have developed and coming home from a vacation feeling bloated, heavy and upset about your food choices is no way to come back from a relaxing trip! So here are some of the tips and tricks I used on my recent vacation to help me not undo all my hard work but still get to indulge and have some yummy food/drinks!
  1.  NEVER try to lose weight during a vacation, you are already setting yourself up for disappointment. My goal for vacations is to just maintain my current health status I had before I left
  2. Choose one meal per day to have some fun. I prefer eating a very healthy breakfast and lunch and then have something a little unhealthy for dinner. I usually pick dinner to eat my unhealthy meal because if I eat a large breakfast or lunch it slows me down and makes me want to nap! (Sorry for some of the poor quality images below I used my iPhone most of the time)!
    IMG_2327 The cute nut store we found in Eureka! IMG_2329 Lunch at the Local Food in Eureka Springs IMG_1550 IMG_1558 Dinner at Valentino's in Nashville! IMG_1527 IMG_1528 Breakfast in Nashville: I asked for the sour cream on the side and only ate one tortilla and 1/2 of the hash browns
  3. You can have it all but not all at once! This goes along with number two, when I am choosing my dinner for the evening I use the 2/4 idea. 2 of my 4 courses are going to be healthy, for example: if I want a glass of wine and some of the bread basket, then I will choose a healthy entree like a baked/grilled fish with vegetables and skip dessert. If I want dessert and wine then I keep my main course healthy and forgo the appetizer or choose a small house salad without a cream based dressing.
  4. Just like tip number 2 regarding food, alcohol is the same way. If I choose to have a drink at lunch then I wouldn't drink at dinner and vice versa. Not only is alcohol loaded with calories it can also slow you down the next day and make you feel like not being very active, I recommend trying to limit yourself to 1-2 drinks per night or if you plan on going ‘all out’ pick just 1 or 2 nights on your trip for nightlife and make plans to have some good protein (like eggs) the next morning for breakfast and a little exercise! 
  5. Find some type of activity to do everyday, this is one of the most important keys to staying healthy! If you are on a beach vacation go walk, try paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming, bike riding, etc. We chose to do a road trip to Eureka Springs, AR. —> Memphis, TN. —> Nashville, TN. and what better way to learn about the cities we were in than to explore them!
  • In Eureka my husband spotted an observation tower (100 feet in the air) and challenged me to climb it! This ended up being quite tough for me due to a small fear of heights (that I didn't really know I had) but at the end of the tower I was happy to have challenged myself and got in some exercise as well! We also walked around the city to some awesome tourist locations, shops, the haunted hotel there and also spent 2 hours zip lining.
  • In Memphis, Ryan just had to taste some of the fabulous BBQ (thanks to the food network for all the BBQ shows) and we would walk from place to place to get in some activity on our food crawl (I would taste everything but leave a lot on my plate or not order my own dish and just have a couple bites of Ryan's). The next day we woke up and went to the Memphis Zoo (this was one of the biggest and best Zoo’s I have ever been to) it took us three hours just to get through the whole place!
  • Lastly, we ended in Nashville where we walked to local tourist hotspots, shops and we also spent the day hiking the trails in one of the local parks- this was by far the hardest exercise of the trip and I came back from our vacation sore!! Below are some photos of our vacation and activities we did, please enjoy :)  

The observation tower, it's a longgg way up!

  IMG_2251 IMG_2224  Observation Tower in Eureka Springs (100 feet high)

 IMG_2249 IMG_2238    View from the top!

IMG_2262 IMG_2277     A cool  train station we found!


playing around :)


The cutest little teacup when we were shopping in the Village!


Ziplining in Eureka Springs!


The cute treehouse we stayed in! 


Passion Play in Eureka Springs! 


One of my favorite photos from the Memphis Zoo!


Hiking in Nashville!

  You do not have to adapt all of my tips and tricks for your next vacation but at least try out 1 or 2! Vacations are no reason to completely throw your healthy habits to the curb and when you come home feeling just as good as when you left you will realize those small changes will make all the difference and that is my goal here at The Blonde Pantry, to make nutrition and healthy habits easy for everyone!    Love, Marla