The Best Protein Bar On The Market! November 04 2014, 4 Comments

I am always on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ protein bar. I have probably spent many years of my life grazing the aisles at the grocery store, reading the nutrition content off the back of products and for some reason it seems like every protein bar has a negative. Some protein bars contain unrecognizable ingredients, others are loaded with sugars or sugar alcohols (artificial sugar) and the worst are ridiculously high calories and bad (hydrogenated oils/trans-fat) fat (you might as well be eating a candy bar). There just hasn’t been a product I am willing to eat or even tell my clients about until a couple of weeks ago that is… I was walking through Central Market and just about to completely skip over the protein bar section when the word Bison caught my eye… Wait a minute… do you mean to tell me there is actually a protein bar that contains real protein?!?! I was trying to not get my hopes up as my heart started racing and I reached for the product… (this is a totally normal human reaction right?!). The front label read: 100% grass feed bison. Bison, bacon (!!) and cranberry bar. 11 grams of protein and gluten free and Paleo…. My prayers have been answered! But as everyone knows the front label can be misleading and contain false claims so here is what the back stated:

Serving Size 1 bar

Calories: 200 (perfect for a snack!)

Fat: 12 grams, 5 grams of saturated fat (duh its real meat!)

Sodium: 200 mg (I was surprised by how low this number is due to the bacon.. see what happens when we use real ingredients, we get normal nutrition facts!)

Total Carbohydrates: 10 grams (not even a whole carb serving if you are diabetic)

Fiber: 1 gram (must be from the cranberries)

Sugar: 8 gram (you can see the brown sugar in the ingredient list)

Protein: 11 grams!!!

Ingredients: Bison, uncured bacon- no nitrites or nitrates added. (Pork, water, brown sugar, salt vinegar, celery powder, sea salt). Dried cranberries (cranberries, apple juice concentrate), lactic acid, celery powder, sea salt. IMG_2573   The name of this protein bar is Epic and they are based out of Austin, Texas (I should have known such a great product could only be created in Texas). If you go on to read their website they have a great ‘about’ section that will make you fall in love! I have tried all of their protein bar flavors: Bison, Beef, Turkey and Lamb and my favorite has to be the bison, it has a sweetness to it that is perfect when my afternoon sweet tooth comes to play! The turkey is a little spicy, my personal palate was not invented for spicy foods so I might not be the best judge on that one.  As far as price goes I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for! Pay for healthy foods now or pay for doctor bills later! They might not be the cheapest protein bar on the market but I think they are more than worth the price! I can usually find them on sale for 2/$5 and I eat about 3-4 per week so if I pay $10 a week my afternoon snack is covered! You can also purchase them on their website at a discount of 12/$30 or on amazon for about the same price. Next time yall see these bars in the store, give them a try, your body will thank you!! Have you ever tried an Epic Bar? What flavor is your favorite?   Love, Marla