Urban Harvest Farmer's Market January 18 2016, 0 Comments

The past few Saturday’s in Houston have been perfect for being outdoors and that is not something Houston, Texas gets to say often (!!) so instead of sleeping in this coming Saturday, I am going to let you in on a little secret in the city…. Urban Harvest Farmers Market! If you haven’t been yet or haven’t heard of it here is your official invitation (not that you need one to go)! This farmers market is growing into all kinds of amazingness! Every Saturday morning at 3000 Richmond Ave (right off of 59- see it is THAT close)!! And this is not the normal ‘sad little market’ of local growers; this farmers market is the real deal and has everything you’ve ever wanted and then some! You can honestly go here for all of your grocery shopping needs for the week and not have to be stuck in the line at Whole Foods on Sunday that runs 30 people deep (can I get an amen)!?! The prices are extremely reasonable, products are local, sustainably grown, and/or organic, what’s not to love?! They have over 80 vendors on their list and tons of items to shop! Just to name a few items….

Pastas, Olive oils, Kobe beef, Fruits/vegetables, Prepared foods/sweets, Herbs/spices/seasonings, Eggs, Poultry, Vegan desserts, Italian food, Orchids, Wine, Coffee, Crepes, Popcorn, Lavender, Bison, Seafood, Macaroons, Tamales, Honey, Soaps, Cheeses, and Breads!! IMG_5104Here is some advice… don’t eat before you go! One of the things that caught me off guard the first time I went was how many food vendors and restaurants are there selling amazing food and drink options! One of my favorite spots to hit up is the Ripe Food truck!! I ordered the avocado toast just expecting the traditional toast and avocado with some lemon juice but this avocado toast came fully loaded and on a completely different level!! IMG_5126  I should have known it was going to be amazing though because it is owned by a fellow registered dietitian and that girl knows her stuff!

IMG_5121There are so many amazing vendors at Urban Harvest but here is the short list of a few personal favorites:
  • Ripe Food Truck- Amazing healthy food with unexpected flavors (fellow RD owner)
  • Sustainable Harvesters- AMAZING out of this world fresh lettuces and spring mixes (co-owned by a friend from my high school)
  • Underbelly- local restaurant that has a menu to die for!!
  • Sinfull Bakery- vegan baked goods and over the top cinnamon rolls (the only reason my husband jumps in the car to come to the farmers market). IMG_5133
  • Any of the seafood, poultry, eggs and beef vendors- what is better than local protein!!
Urban Harvest Market is growing fast since being founded in 1994 and has become a must for a gorgeous Saturday morning, so mark your calendars and go!!! The market opens at 8am and closes at noon! Hopefully I will see you there!   Love, Marla