Guilt-Free Eating E-Guide Vol. 1

Guilt-Free Eating E-Guide Vol. 1


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Includes recipes from The Blonde Pantry Blog with tips/tricks, nutrition facts, and full page photos. The E-Guide also includes a 2-week sample meal plan, a blank meal plan, grocery list, a blank grocery list, and healthy snack ideas!

Guide sections:

Breakfast (10 recipes)

Soups & Salads (10 recipes)

Appetizers & Sides (10 recipes)

Main Dishes (16 recipes)

Dips & Spreads (10 recipes)

Desserts (5 recipes)

Snacks (20 ideas)

This is an ePub download file for smart devices so you can 'flip' the page and search by categories! Once you purchase please feel free to email me to receive the PDF version if desired! Happy Eating! 

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Guilt-Free Eating E-Guide Vol. 1

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