My Name is Marla Murphy and I am a Registered and Licensed dietitian. I am not perfect and my favorite guilty pleasure is eating cake for breakfast. I am the definition of a ‘foodie’; I went to college to study … food!! Nothing makes me happier than trying a new restaurant with a ridiculously tasty menu and a delicious wine list. I also care very much about my health and lifestyle. I enjoy being fit, active and healthy and while it might seem like being a foodie and being a dietitian are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, they are not. Eating indulgent food shouldn’t feel like a punishment. My mission in life is to help people change the way we define health, to step back from nit-picking nutrition/fitness and look at the bigger picture: personal wellness. This blog is about being in the kitchen and making something like hamburger and French fries not only taste good but also nourish our bodies in a positive way… guilt free.

Along the way if you have any questions, comments (good or bad) or tidbits of knowledge, The Blonde Pantry is an open book and I encourage people to reach out and speak up!

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